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What is the starting salary of Navy in Nigeria 2022?

salary of Navy in Nigeria 2022

salary of Navy in Nigeria 2022

Nigerian salary of Navy in Nigeria 2022: This article will enlighten you more on how much the Nigerian Navy pays its officers monthly and annually, starting from the highest rank staff to the lowest vacant position. 

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure 2021 Check Naval Officers Salary Scale

The new Nigerian naval officers’ salary is paid according to their ranks from the lowest to the highest.

The highest rank in the Nigerian Navy is the Admiral of the fleet, while the lowest of its commissioned officer is the mid-ship man.

For those interested in joining the Nigerian Navy either through their direct short service course (DSSC) or their short service course (SSC), you must know the various ranks and how much Naval personnel earn monthly or yearly?.

As with other Nigerian armed forces, there are benefits attached aside from the monthly salaries paid two men and officers in the Navy.

These benefits given to Naval officers ensure they are taken care of as they protect the territorial waters of the nation.

If you are interested in joining the Nigerian Navy, it’s best you visit their recruitment portal, which is

After you register, you are to fill out a recruitment form and possibly take a test and if you are on the successful list of those that passed the Nigerian navy exams; you have the opportunity of being selected for the interview.

Navy training usually takes 6 months before they assigned your rank to you. Well, know that salaries in the Nigerian Navy are paid according to ranks.

The command frowns at lobbying your way in, but this is still prevalent in almost every nook and cranny in the country.

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We have listed below the ranks of commissioned officers of the Nigerian navy and the salary structures of senior officers in the Navy.

Nigerian Navy Rank

1. Ranks for Non-Commissioned Navy Officer

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer;

2. Chief Petty Officer;

3. Petty Officer;

4. Leading Rating;

5. Able Rating; – Ordinary Rating;

6. Nigerian Navy Naval Officers Salary Scale

2. Ranks for Commissioned Navy Officer

1. Admiral of the Fleet;

2. Admiral;

3. Vice-Admiral;

4. Commodore;

5. Captain;

6. Commander;

7. Lieutenant Commander;

8. Lieutenant;

9. Sub-Lieutenant;

10. Acting Sub-Lieutenant;

11. Mid-Shipman.

Naval Officers Salary Scale

The Nigerian Navy officer salary is based on a different scale from other branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Commander – ₦3,380,086

Captain – N3,715,859

Commodore – ₦7,385,856

Real-Admiral – ₦12,038,945

Vice Admiral – ₦13,363,229

Admiral in the Nigerian Navy – N16,303,140.

FAQ on Nigerian Navy

Check out the things you need to know about Nigerian Navy. And there are answers below.

1. How Much is the Nigerian Navy Salary?

Nigerian Navy Rank

Salary (per month)

Salary (per year)







Rear Admiral



2. What is the starting salary of Navy in Nigeria?

Admiral in the Nigerian Navy earns ₦16,303,140 per year. Vice Admiral earns ₦13,363,229 yearly. Real-Admiral earns ₦12,038,945 yearly.

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure For Commissioned Officers (2022)

Nigerian Navy Rank Salary (per year) Salary (per month)
Captain ₦3,715,859 ₦309,655

3. What is the lowest rank in Navy?

Seaman recruit (SR

Seaman recruit (SR) is the lowest enlisted rank in the Navy, just below seaman apprentice.

FAQ on Nigerian Navy

4. How much does the Navy get paid a month in the USA?

How Much Do Navy Jobs Pay per Month?

Annual Salary

Monthly Pay

Top Earners



75th Percentile






25th Percentile



5. What rank will I be in the Navy with a bachelor’s degree?

Commissioned Officers are members of the Navy or Navy Reserve who have a degree from a four-year college or university as a minimum educational requirement and have gone through Officer Training.

6. How do you address Navy ranks?

How to greet each rank

Commissioned officers (Army, Marine Corps and Air Force): rank (General, Colonel, Captain, Lieutenant,) and last name.

Commissioned officers (Navy): rank (Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant) and last name.

Warrant officers: Warrant Officer and their last name or Mr./Ms. and last name.

7. What percentage of naval officers make captain?

1.5 percent

Captain 1.5 percent
Commander 7 percent
Lieutenant commander 22 percent
Lieutenant 37 percent
Lieutenant (junior grade) and ensign (when combined with the number authorized for flag officer grades under section 12004 of this title) 32.5 percent.

We cherish your opinion, and we look forward to it. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about the Nigerian Navy Salary Structure.

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