Provoke Guidelines that Would Wipe Out Poverty, Cleric Advises National Assembly


Hammed Shittu in Ilorin

The National Ameer, Daaru-R-Rahmat (DARMAT) Islamic Society, Ustaz Misbahudeen Olawale, has decried the high stage of poverty and unemployment within the country.

Ustaz Olawale, therefore, has urged contributors of the National Assembly to initiate regulations that would catch the country out of poverty with a thought to like a virile nation. Olawale said this in a assertion he made on hand to THISDAY in Ilorin on the sideline of this year’s Maulud Nabiyy celebration and provision of succour to over 10 widows. The tournament became once held at the society’s prayer ground in Osogbo, Osun Insist, honest no longer too long within the past.

The cleric said there became once absolute self perception the sizzling economic catch 22 situation within the country became once biting tougher. He said, “It is worrisome now in Nigeria that making ends meet is a major catch 22 situation amongst the of us consequently of unhappy economic policies on the piece of these leading us.

“This catch 22 situation is getting worse that folks like been resorting to begging earlier than they’ll eat and here is uncalled for and no longer upright for the nation that is taking democracy as its plan of govt.

“We elected of us to give us upright leadership that can remodel our lives to economic prosperity but alas it is some distance the opposite and this has persevered to like a major toll on the socio well-being of the society.

“Poverty has taken over the land and of us can’t salvage work to attain in behold of the contaminated policies imposed on us and this has to alternate with a thought to bring a brand novel lease of lifestyles to Nigerians.”

Olawale, who called on contributors of the National Assembly to initiate regulations that would catch the country out of poverty and unemployment, said the gesture would support the nation to switch forward.

The cleric renowned that the provision of succour to the widows became once to give them a sense of belonging and strengthen their socio well-being.

He, on the other hand, told Muslims staunch thru the nation to proceed to imbibe the teachings of Prophet Muhammad with a thought to bring novel lease of lifestyles to the doorsteps of the society.