Igbo Gained’t Jog away Nigeria Because of of Buhari, Says Ezeife


Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja

Broken-down governor of Anambra Sigh, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has talked about President Muhammadu Buhari was as soon as guilty for the political stress that had residing up demands by self-choice groups led by the Indigenous Of us of Biafra (IPOB) to agitate for the secession of the South-east geo-political zone from the rest of the nation.

Ezeife echoed the views when he spoke to reporters on Thursday night on the public presentation of three books on the revival of Igbo tradition by the founding father of a non-governmental organisation, Attach Our Heritage Initiative (SOHI), Dame Could perhaps Ikokwu.

The elder statesman also pointedly assured that the Igbo will remain in the Nigerian federation despite the charged political ambiance and worsening insecurity in the zone.

He made the remarks about a hours after the chief of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, was as soon as arraigned in Federal High Court, Abuja, to face trial for terrorism and treasonable criminal.

Ezeife blamed some ingredients, who he talked about had been pretending to be participants of IPOB and had been inflicting hardship on the individuals of the zone thru the imposition of the stop-at-dwelling account for, which has also been condemned by Kanu.

“We must always watch out with ourselves, we Igbo individuals. If somebody is focusing on to abolish us, also can merely light we slide and abolish ourselves. Let us account for our individuals the reality: we must always now not leaving Nigeria tomorrow and those that know don’t even want to recede.

“Are we leaving due to 1 man-Buhari? Sooner than Buhari, had been we being pushed out of Nigeria? I talked about Buhari has been pushing us out of Nigeria. Must light we obey him?” Ezeife declared.

Speaking on the prospect of the emergence of an Igbo president in 2023, the one-time governor, who will attain 83 years next month, asserted that the Igbo must always originate the following president due to their commitment to the unity of the nation thru integration and residency in all parts of the nation.

He talked about an Igbo president would promote egalitarianism and develop sure the exponential financial exclaim of the nation.

“It (2023) relies on us and as a ways as I know, our God has well-liked the root of a South-easterner as the president of Nigeria.

“For that reason he’s bringing about a brand fresh Nigeria because a Nigeria of worn which now we have faith at the moment is no longer going to stop. The nation obtained’t wreck up and Anambra election can even come and it may possibly possibly be silent with the devoted person emerging the winner.”

He talked about the nation would alternate for the upper when an Igboman turns into president, assuring that social inequalities relish Almajiri and Talakawa may possibly be things of the previous.

“Egalitarianism which is Igbo tradition will unfold. Who makes Nigeria query relish a nation at the moment? Recount me? It’s most attention-grabbing Igbo individuals that it’s possible you’ll procure in every segment of Nigeria and they develop it and they don’t elevate out it in hiding.

“An Igbo man would now not slide into hiding to alternate and due to this fact he goes to unfold that financial files. An Igbo president will develop Nigeria develop exponentially, economically.

“We’re no longer there for vengeance. No methodology. If truth be told, an Igbo man fights an Igbo man bigger than he fights a non-Igbo, due to this fact Nigeria is facing a brand fresh lifestyles. The judgment of right and unsuitable that is boring in Nigeria will resurrect,” Ezeife talked about.

He talked about Ikoku’s books, Akuko Ifo Si Nalaigbo, Nke Mbu; Folktales From Igboland, Vol One and Ilu Na Gwa m Gwa m Gwa M Ka Ha Di Nfe, Nke Mbu will deepen Igbo tradition and retain Igbo language by the adoption of phrases from other languages.

The birth was as soon as attended by the Obi of Onitsha, Nnaemeka Achebe, who represented. Various dignitaries integrated feeble Minister of Energy Bert Nnaji and Workers Managing Director Multimesh Communications, Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa. The books had been reviewed by Adaoha Okwuosa.