Friday Sermon: Undermining the institution of marriage, By Murtadha Gusau


Within the Title of Allah, the Most Appropriate, the Ever Merciful

All praise is attributable to Allah, the Lord of all creation. Would possibly possibly possibly possibly fair the salutations of Allah, His peace and blessings be upon our Prophet, his family, his companions and his correct and loyal followers until the Most sharp Day – then to proceed:

Dear brothers and sisters! Amongst the blessings of Allah upon His servants, the kids of Adam is that He has legislated marriage for them and made it a ability for achieving many spiritual and worldly benefits.

However sadly, many contributors lift out no longer treasure this crucial relationship, and lift out no longer imprint it as it wants to be valued. Undermining the institution of marriage takes numerous forms alongside with:

1. Not being cautious when deciding on one’s companion. On this methodology one acts against the directions of the Shari’ah that are geared in opposition to ensuring that marriage achieves its hoped for goals of being a source of peace and tranquility for both husband and companion and a ability to obey Allah Almighty.

2. Undermining the relationship of marriage contains lack of consciousness and be conscious with regard to the rights, that are attributable to every companion. Right here is one amongst the predominant causes that cause concerns between spouses. Islam has acknowledged very clearly these rights and obliged both partners to fulfill them. Allah says in the Qur’an:

“And they (ladies folk) gain rights (over their husbands) identical to those of their husbands over them to what’s lifelike, but men gain a level of responsibility over them.”

Respected brothers and sisters! This Qur’anic verse means that for every upright that one companion has; there could be a corresponding responsibility, which the many companion must fulfill. On this methodology steadiness is completed in the relationship. Amongst the rights that are attributable to both husband and companion are:

a) Both spouses must aloof flip a blind peek to the minor faults and errors of the many companion, particularly phrases and deeds all over which nothing improper used to be meant. None of them must aloof depend the many’s errors or apply every topic huge or shrimp.

b) Both husband and companion must be affected person and build apart up with every other, for each person has his/her slips. Neither get together must aloof resort to tit-for-tat response. If one companion sees that the many is offended, she or he must aloof restrain his or her have nettle and no longer acknowledge without prolong. Abu advert-Darda, the companion of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), acknowledged to his companion:

“Have to you scrutinize me offended composed me down, and if I scrutinize you offended, I will composed you down, in every other case we wouldn’t be ready to are residing together.”

c) The husband must know that his responsibility in conserving the family together is better as a consequence of he’s the one who’s accountable of the family. So, he must be affected person and tolerate the natural weak spot in his woman.

d) The husband must aloof no longer hate his companion if he dislikes one amongst her traits, as a consequence of if he dislikes one thing in her he’ll treasure every other. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) acknowledged:

“No believing man must aloof hate a believing woman, if he dislikes one amongst her traits, he’ll be gratified with every other.”

e) A few of the issues, which irritate the relationship between husband and companion, and could well possibly moreover lead ultimately to the breakage of marriage, is the husband’s resort to beating his companion, the command of his physical strength. Some husbands could well possibly moreover argue that they’ve a upright to beat their better halves as a consequence of Allah has accredited them to lift out so. On the opposite hand, these husbands lift out no longer realise that right here’s used to be solely accredited as a measure of reform in the case of a companion’s Nushuz (in dejected health-behavior) – when she rebels against her husband and becomes entirely disobedient to him. On this case the husband has the upright to self-discipline her as prescribed by the Shari’ah.

Per the Qur’an, this self-discipline must opt a step-by -step methodology that could well possibly moreover reach the degree of hitting, with certain prerequisites.

So, this self-discipline used to be legislated because the final remedy for the corruption in the relationship between husband and companion. No husband could well possibly moreover resort to it in in vogue disputes in assert to subdue his companion. Allah Almighty says in the Qur’an:

“….As to those ladies folk on whose allotment you scrutinize in dejected health-behavior admonish them, (subsequent) refuse to share their beds, then beat them (calmly.)”

Per this verse, Allah has made this self-discipline in phases as follows:

I) Admonishing the companion gently and reminding her of her responsibility to be a fair companion and form out her husband well. If form admonishing works, then that’s fair. If it doesn’t work, then the self-discipline is taken to the following stage.

II) Forsaking her, by turning his back on her in mattress or sound asleep in a separate mattress.

iii) Hitting her in a ability that’s no longer painful.

The Muslim must know that contributors that hit their better halves are no longer amongst the fair Muslims. Prophet (Peace be upon him) acknowledged:

“Carry out no longer hit the female-servants of Allah.”

Umar came to him and acknowledged:

“Ladies folk gain rebelled against their husbands.”

So, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) accredited the men to self-discipline their better halves. Then many ladies folk came to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) complaining against their husbands. Thereupon, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) acknowledged:

“Many ladies folk came to accommodate of Muhammad complaining about their husbands. Those of you who hit their better halves are no longer doubtlessly the most simple of you.”

3) One other example of undermining the blessing of marriage is the misuse of divorce. Right here’s a actually overall wretchedness. There could be proof that many these that were having disputes with better halves and one day of their nettle they divorce their better halves. Later they change into regretful for what they did. Right here is one thing which is many conditions rather on the entire by some immediate Muslim husbands who’re ignorant of the guidelines of divorce in Islam. Divorce is terribly undesirable in Islam attributable to the concerns it causes. It wants to be regarded at because the final therapy for a power marital wretchedness which no numerous therapy succeeded to resolve. If right here’s the case, and it has change into no longer doable for the husband and companion to are residing together, and the husband has made up our minds in a roundabout way to divorce, he must aloof no longer lift out it in a bound but conscientiously in accordance with the guidelines of the Shari’ah. These solutions require that the following must be noticed in divorce:

i) Divorce must be completed when the companion is pure (i.e. no longer one day of her month-to-month interval or post-natal interval). If the husband has slept with his companion one day of her pure interval, he must yowl until her interval comes and she becomes pure as soon as more sooner than he can divorce.

ii) He must aloof divorce her as soon as i.e. no longer three conditions in a single trot or three conditions in the an identical meeting.

iii) The divorce wants to be witnessed by two contributors.

The explanation for these prerequisites is to originate certain divorce is implemented after cautious consideration of the topic, no longer in a moment of nettle. It’s miles forbidden to lift out the divorce in every other case, no longer staring at these prerequisites.

There are moreover some husbands who command the be conscious of divorce as an oath, and so one amongst them would divulge to his companion whenever you happen to lift out no longer lift out so and so, then you definately are divorced. Right here is entirely forbidden in the Shari’ah.

All praises and thanks are attributable to Allah on my own, Lord of the worlds. Would possibly possibly possibly possibly fair the peace, blessings and salutations of Allah be upon our well-behaved Messenger, Muhammad, and upon his family, his Companions and his correct and loyal followers.

Murtadha Muhammad Gusau is the Chief Imam of Nagazi-Uvete Jumu’ah and the behind Alhaji Abdur-Rahman Okene’s Mosques, Okene, Kogi Utter, Nigeria. He could well possibly moreover moreover be reached through: or 2348038289761.

This Jumu’ah Khutbah (Friday sermon) used to be ready for start nowadays, Friday, Rabi’ul Awwal 15, 1443 A.H. (October 22, 2021).

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