The Politics of Nosemask, By Udeme Nana


The outbreak of COVID-19 brought a new vogue item to guard folks from the spread of the lethal virus. Some call it ‘fFace conceal‘ however that description is no longer steady since it is far meant to disguise salubrious the mouth and nose ; both organs within the physique which would be prone external receptacles for airborne particles which flee around one’s speedy atmosphere. It’s no longer just like the sort passe by the original Nigerian crooner; Bisade Ologunde, alias, Lagbaja.

This item became once, at the inspiration, a non-public protective preserving for short spend by professionals in health amenities, particularly, for those aroused about clinical chores to guard them and their patients from infection. Nonetheless, the creation of COVID-19 altered that and the nose conceal became doubtlessly the most up-to-the-minute share of outer clothes expected to be donned by everybody within the global neighborhood.

As a share of the non-public protective tools mostly restricted to surgical theatres in health amenities, a ramification of parents were oblivious of its availability on the shelf hence it became once cheap and provided, mostly, around hospitals and in pharmacies or patent treatment stores. Then again, the outbreak of the global pandemic varied that to invent the manufacturing, distribution and sale of the nose conceal to became one huge trade which has enlarged the stir of traders in that little share of fabric. Pharmacists, patent treatment outlets, hawkers on streets and folks who pound the corridors of workplaces and schools are all within the trade of promoting the ware.

At fresh, it is far most likely that the nose conceal industry is competing favorably as, arguably, one of many quickest rising items of trade since the outbreak of the pandemic. It has increased the manufacturing lines of pharmaceutical companies, vogue designers and native tailors. It has also became an easy self – made item of dressing the build folks, mostly the ladies folk, spend all formula of materials, manufacture and colours to counterpoint their dressing.

Interested observers of folks who build on the ‘conceal’ would glimpse plenty of patterns. There are people who build on it on the chin. There are people who have on the clear shield product without preserving their mouths or noses. These ones manufacture no longer mark that this form of ‘vogue’ assertion would no longer provide protection to them or the folk around them from the virus in any appreciate. There are wearers who salubrious disguise their mouths whereas others build on it accurately – preserving both buccal and nassal cavities in public locations.

Nonetheless, there are folks, who, deliberately or unconsciously act to bid their stature and stations in their localities by their perspective towards the nose conceal.

Folks that veil disdain about the protective preserving betray their perspective towards the virus. It’s both they attain no longer reflect COVID-19 is accurate or accounts for deaths recorded to this level on this planet or they’re looking out out for to spread the infection to as many folks as that that you may presumably also reflect in their work space. Hence, in a assembly of villagers, the village head will no longer build on it. To him, that exudes the influence that he is the person accountable. In a gathering convened by a Councilor, it signals that if this form of ‘high dog’ wore that safety it can diminish his political significance at the ward stage. The identical cue is adopted by Council Supervisors and the Chairmen of Councils who keep on with it as if it were beneath such executive heights for them to build on it whereas in a assembly with subordinates or ‘folks’.

Within the intervening time, that “I’m the boss and in – payment here” perspective flows from the topmost ranges of leadership in every sector and trickles all of the intention in which down to the backside layers of ‘leadership’ within the society. Non spend of the protective conceal has became a veil of sophistication to separate the ‘ogas at the tip’ from those below.

A refusal to build on the nose conceal now distinguishes the rich from the unlucky. Even in Churches and a ramification of spiritual arrangement ups, it’s more straightforward to take out who’s greater in despicable, no longer by the scale or height of their caps however by the absence of the nose conceal in their couture. This circumstance captures the politics of the “nose conceal” – a misfortune whereby energy family within the society is outlined by people who disguise their outward physical receptacles and folks who attain no longer. It has became a misfortune whereby one without complications differentiates people who ‘allocate authoritative values’ from the leisure on the lower rungs or despicable of the ladder in any atmosphere the build folks are stumbled on.

The politics linked to the nose conceal has brought, sharply, to the fore, the total absence of non-public example by ‘leaders’ at a ramification of ranges within the society. It unearths a obvious conceitedness and insensitivity by the ‘leadership’ corps. These leaders may perchance fair feel it is far beneath their ranges to be considered within the ‘masks’ with lesser mates. They exhibit this thoughtlessness towards folks in all locations. One wonders about the classes such leaders divulge pertaining to compliance to guidelines and regulations within the society. Attain these ones no longer know that nothing conjures up the followership than the energy of non-public examples?

Leaders who play ‘politics’ with the nose conceal neither acknowledge the existence nor the havoc wreaked by the virus. They may perchance fair reveal that Covid – 19 is a respecter of parents and their stations in lifestyles. Nonetheless no! It’s no longer. As well they betray their lack of appreciate for his or her folks. Is this disposition towards carrying the nose conceal by leaders no longer a metaphor for the penchant of leaders in Nigeria to brush apart, fracture laws, contravene guidelines and regulations? It’s miles a well-known mindset tell on this country the build folks in ‘extremely fantastic’ positions flout required norms of habits within the society. The next time you step into an environment, you won’t need to search or build a matter to questions with regards to who harbors the look of being extra necessary within the room. By the spend or non spend

of a nose conceal, you would perchance know who lives on the realization that he or she wields the energy of the boss within the gap. Leaders may perchance fair restful no longer salubrious ogle the proportion however act the proportion if messages they preach and jingles they sponsor within the mass media towards definite standards of habits and attitudinal trade within the society need to be imbibed by followers.

Dr. UDEME NANA is a Media Student and Founding father of Uyo Book Club.

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