Restoring the Dignity and Rights of the Human Person

Femi Falana

By Elochukwu Emeasoba

Lately the Institute of Humanities, Pan-Atlantic University, Lekki, Lagos organized a One-Day Convention on human Dignity and Human rights. Amongst the Audio system who supplied papers at the Convention integrated Femi Falana (SAN), Sharon Slater, Dr. Henrietta Williams, Prof. Carter Snead – De Director, Nicola Heart for Ethics and Culture, University of Notre, Dr Anthony Okeregbe – College of Arts, University of Lagos and Prof. Michael Asuzu, University College Clinic (UCH), Ibadan, among others.

In her Keynote, Mrs. Sharon Slater regretted the unhurried loss of sense of human dignity within the enviornment this day particularly among formative years. She deemed it match to counter the pseudo- colonization of Africans during the subtle have an effect on of CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Training) by the UN physique. Possessing a worldwide concept, Mrs Slater explained how unfavorable it is for fogeys to be so sexually educated at the expense of shedding their price as folks – she gave an example of how an app, ‘Tuneme’, changed into created as a approach of activating or stimulating the sexual urges of minor girls and boys; encouraging them that it is unheard of to feel inclined in direction of the plenty of intercourse, or, same intercourse, at their teenage 12 months. Meanwhile, she identified the indisputable truth that the UN member states are no longer in increase of such education introduced at any level of learning. That’s, these UN states reside realize how undignified such education proves to be.

Moreover, Mrs. Slater mentioned that some of the UN’s policy phrases: ‘we are dedicated to making definite in style gain entry to to sexual and reproductive smartly being care companies and products, including for family planning, files and education’, is indeed a euphemism for promoting and legalizing abortion across the globe which to Slater is in arresting distinction to the promotion of the honor of the human person including the honor of the unborn minute one. This resonates within the words of Chimamanda Adichie, “bring to mind americans as folks, and no longer as abstractions that have to conform to chilly common sense…,” And so, upright as a chain is handiest as sturdy as its weakest link, Mrs. Slater concluded by empowering her target market with ideas similar to signing petitions in opposition to actions that are in violation of the honor and rights of the honor human person.

In his paper, the Customer Speaker, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, brilliantly submitted that the honor of the human person is guaranteed beneath fragment 34 of the Nigeria constitution. The fragment reads in part: “Each and one and all must be treated with dignity.” Dignity right here, signifying that, all americans seems to be to be profitable of adore and respect. Mr. Falana mentioned that economic empowerment of the citizenry is a proper step to taking part within the factual to human dignity guaranteed beneath fragment 34 of the constitution. In step with him, a melancholy man must maintain the an analogous level of human dignity and rights as that of a rich man. Then but again, no doubt, the melancholy man is in overall much less dignified ensuing from his melancholy condition. Consequently Falana urged that that every citizen must maintain a dignified develop of livelihood in a bid to uphold his self price. The SAN narrated how in one of his outings with the song memoir Fela who changed into at time his client he (Fela) had hit the auto of 1 other motorist. This motorist jumped out from his car and changed into about to bodily assault Fela. But upon being told by one other motorist that the person he changed into to assault changed into Fela the motorist retreated and drove off. In conclusion, the SAN strongly told that all fingers must be on deck within the promotion of the honor and rights of the human person.

When Dr Henrietta Williams took the bottom to most modern her paper, she received the hearts of the target market alongside with her humanistic manner to the honor and rights of every human being. That that you must well undergo in mind that Dr. Williams changed into the main medical doctor in Nigeria who conducted the main Intro-Fertilization (IVF) in Nigeria. That changed into in 1979. And since that 12 months Dr. Williams had vowed never to invent any IVF but again since the approach of IVF entails destruction of many fertilized eggs that are in all probability human beings. Since Dr. Williams stopped performing IVF she has found a a success-scientific map known as NaPro technology which to her is the next more than a few to IVF ensuing from it is safer, surer and more inexpensive . It brings about thought within the lives of ‘reputedly’ infertile couples. “NaPro technology is all about promoting the tradition of existence; conserving the factual of family; and the honor of the human person”, she acknowledged. “It’s no magic, it is a handy science,” Dr Williams insisted. “ NaPro Skills is aimed at consolidating the connection between a husband and wife through minute one bearing while at the an analogous time, conserving in mind the conjugal relationship predominant for his or her marital sustainability.” Dr. Williams went on to encourage the knowledgeable- existence inch which heralds the plump dose of homage ensuing from a human being. She appealed to advocates of Pro Selection to respect the inviolability of human of human existence.

In step with Maya Angelou that, “nothing can unlit the gentle that shines inside,”. This will most definitely be attributed to the paper presentation of Prof. Carter Snead, and obviously, to all conference speakers and contributors. They were lights brilliant all the map during the conference. Professor Snead illustrated the core particulars about human dignity and human rights. These particulars consist particularly within the word of virtues, similar to: generosity, gratitude, humility, truthfulness, friendship, cohesion. Amongst varied issues, his paper centered on the real fact that, “human beings are made for adore and friendship.”

To Professor M. C Asuzu, a clinical Epidemiologist at University Instructing Clinic, (UCH) Ibadan, human dignity and human rights are proper ethics which must never be no longer noted.

The conference ended on a honest expose. The total speakers unanimously agreed that it is kindly investing within the promotion of human dignity and human rights.

Elochukwu Emeasoba is a student of the University of Benin